The most important part of our business is our people.  Here at RPC, we don’t think of ourselves as just a company but a think tank of the brightest minds that take pride in creating innovative technology solutions.  Through teamwork and consistent communication with each other, we strive to maintain a culture of transparency, respect, empathy and most importantly, a drive to make others around us better in any way we can.

At RightPlace Consulting, we believe that these guidelines are the key to a successful project:

  • Shared Vision – Technology partner’s understanding of client’s business objectives and their commitment to its attainment. Not just taking orders.
  • Shared Responsibility – Client having a true partnership-based attitude towards their technology partner. Built on trust from the onset.
  • Transparency – Open communication and visibility in the management and finances of the project. All parties involved must be encouraged to share information, good and bad.
  • Agile – A pragmatic approach that accommodates unforeseen changes instead of restricting the client from refining their requirements.
  • Accountability – An iterative development approach that creates a short term release schedule in order to ensure progress and increase accountability.
  • Collaboration – We include our clients in every aspect of development, including online collaborative tools that provide insight into daily tasks, progress, and time estimates.