Execution Strategy

We use an Agile/Scrum Development Methodology for most projects.  An iterative development approach is generally the best way, from our experience, to achieve the desired results over time.  Software development requires constant communication and expectation setting along the way and this approach allows for consistent, planned check points to make sure everyone is headed down the right path together.

Scrum/Agile Approach

  • Proven agile methodologies.
  • Extremely qualified personnel.
  • Highly responsive approach to managing deliverables.
  • Iterative development usually in 2-3 week development cycles called “sprints”.
  • This includes distinct phases of: discovery – design – development – deployment.
  • Consistent communication throughout each sprint building out the backlog of work and planning together what the deliverables will be at the end of each sprint.
  • Executing in an iterative manner will identify any weak points, misunderstandings or areas that need modification or discussion. Additionally, the entire development process, from start to finish, will be completely transparent. We will not be in a scenario where the development team goes away and six months later ask: “hey…did we get it right?”
  • Work will be checked into the source control repository on a daily basis and will at any time be available for review and collaboration.