RPC helps a national Insurance Aggregator build an online tool detailing users’ current travel insurance coverage and detailed quotes from multiple insurance lines.

A nationally recognized insurance aggregator, InsurEYE sought to create better, intelligent toolsets to connect consumers with policies most suited to their unique needs. In addition to providing custom quotes for all lines of traditional insurance (health, life, vehicle, disability, etc.) InsurEYE wanted to create a tool to show users the insurance benefits available via their financial institutions.

  • Internally developed applications became unwieldy and difficult to maintain
  • Performance was degrading across InsurEYE’s digital portfolio
  • Projects required strategic partner who could overhaul & expand MVP aggregator apps
  • New Apps & Website must be extremely SEO-friendly, as this is a key element of InsurEYE’s marketing strategy
  • Drupal application must integrate seamlessly into InsurEYE’s ecosystem of online apps
  • Drupal
  • On & Off-Site SEO
  • DevOps
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development Operations & Cloud Hosting
  • 24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring & Production Support
  • Product Security
  • Long Term Strategic Partnership

InsurEYE, an online services company, sought to re-engineer and expand their suite of applications designed to help insurance consumers find personalized policies and compare them to others in their particular demographic. In particular, this involved a new application called Credit Card Navigator which helps users determine what travel insurance options are available on their personal bank/credit cards.

Working with InsurEYE, the RPC team created a live, dynamic database of financial institutions’ cardholder benefits with an easy to navigate user interface. Now with one click, InsurEYE users can see the value of the insurance benefits they didn’t know were already in their wallet.

The RPC team migrated an early version of the app to Drupal 8 and built the remainder of the system out in tandem with our Digital Marketing department to ensure maximum SEO. The resulting app was sleek, lightweight and resulted in a growing user base and expanding roster of insurance provider partners.

Why RightPlace


InsurEYE initially approached RightPlace due to their reputation for creating reliable, user-friendly web applications and digital marketing solutions. RPC’s highest goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our clients, and our successful work deploying the Credit Card Navigator led to greater collaboration between both firms. RPC now assists with ongoing development and maintenance for InsurEYE’s whole suite of products, as well as spearheading their digital marketing efforts.

We’re proud of our work with InsurEYE in helping to provide instant, customer-centric solutions in a highly competitive and regulated environment.

Customer first model:

As with the beginning of every new relationship, we are relentless on customer intimacy, learning all the details of the customer’s current state and to become acutely aware of business process. This made RPC the right choice to deliver on new business initiatives and become a long term strategic partner.

Technology Choice:

Here at RPC, we know there are many different technology choices out there and choosing from the vast number of tech stack choices available can be difficult. We are confident in our ability to deliver quality results across a wide range of technologies. We will not stop until we’ve identified the elements that are the best fit for your needs. We excel at helping companies educate themselves on their options and giving expert advice on strategic decisions whenever needed.

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