A leading provider of life and health insurance to higher-risk demographics helps more clients and expedites their underwriting with a little help from their friends at RPC

LSM insurance had over 100 years combined experience in the Insurance industry when they approached RPC to execute their digital transformation. The RPC team helped modernize their operations by building custom software for their internal workflows and optimizing their brand web presence.

  • Legacy systems from a historically paper-heavy industry were hampering efforts to modernize
  • Required to maintain constant contact with underwriters from major carriers to ensure their offerings were up to date with product and underwriting protocols.
  • Company sought to expand their digital reach through online income tax calculators optimized for Search visibility
  • Overall Digital Brand update & optimization
  • PHP
  • WordPress CMS
  • DevOps
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development Operations & Cloud Hosting
  • 24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring & Production Support
  • Product Security
  • Long Term Strategic Partnership

For years, LSM had been driving business through the creative use of well-placed online income tax calculators. These calculators were complex tools offered free to the public as loss leaders, with strategic insurance-related insights provided as part of the calculation process.

This innovative approach had worked well as a lead generator for years, but recent search engine algorithm changes had caused their performance to decline. In addition, these systems fed into a proprietary CSM that was starting to show its age. LSM contacted the RPC team to create a comprehensive strategy to tackle all these technical problems at once.

Working with the LSM team, RPC engineers rebuilt the central CRM system to include:

  • Upgraded secure services and backup policies
  • Comprehensive analytics tools that included detailed reports regarding lead generation and sales activities
  • Advanced user management, including activity tracking & real time metrics

The RPC Digital Marketing team worked with LSM and the RPC Development team to ensure that the new technology was seamlessly integrated into LSM’s public properties, provided significant SEO benefit - resulting in a 3x increase in prospect traffic in a single year.

Why RightPlace


LSM initially approached RightPlace due to their reputation for creating reliable, user-friendly web applications and digital marketing solutions. RPC’s highest goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our clients, and our successful work modernizing their CRM and digital workflow led to greater collaboration between both firms.

We’re proud of our work with LSM in helping to provide instant, customer-centric solutions in a highly competitive and regulated environment.

Customer first model:

As with the beginning of every new relationship, we are relentless on customer intimacy, learning all the details of the customer’s current state and to become acutely aware of business process. This made RPC the right choice to deliver on new business initiatives and become a long term strategic partner.

Technology Choice:

Here at RPC, we know there are many different technology choices out there and choosing from the vast number of tech stack choices available can be difficult. We are confident in our ability to deliver quality results across a wide range of technologies. We will not stop until we’ve identified the elements that are the best fit for your needs. We excel at helping companies educate themselves on their options and giving expert advice on strategic decisions whenever needed.

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