Helping insurance marketplaces create online systems to scale their business and efficiently match prospects with custom curated plans.

Working with Surex, a leading online insurance marketplace, the RPC team designed and built a series of web apps designed to connect affiliate insurers with clients. These systems were built on a proprietary CMS using PHP Symphony and provide a friendly, client-facing interface for marketplace shoppers to compare and purchase insurance plans based on personalized recommendations.

This application fed into a centralized Communication Center which allowed affiliate services to be white-labeled and user data to be securely / compliantly retained and leveraged across the entire Surex ecosystem.

  • Business case required a flexible and secure architecture
  • Core backend functions needed to be made available to non-technical personnel
  • Custom content needed to be streamlined for end-to-end digital experience
  • Must be easily scalable
  • Must integrate easily with third party marketing and admin systems
  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • Amazon SQS & SNS
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development Operations & Cloud Hosting
  • 24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring & Production Support
  • Product Security
  • Long Term Strategic Partnership

Surex, one of Canada’s leading insurance marketplace providers, was looking to expand their digital reach in several directions. They were simultaneously building an affiliate program for independent brokers, establishing a white label service for affiliate partners and building out a new digital brand ecosystem. In this process, they discovered that their current tech stack was not allowing them to scale the way their business demanded.

They needed a competent and comprehensive technical partner.

Through our engagement, we were able to successfully design, build and deploy multiple components of Surex’s digital ecosystem and promote them through Search Engine Optimization built directly into the apps themselves. Our Digital Marketing team was able to define Surex’s overall business goals and integrate with the Product team to create technical solutions that maximized Surex’s brand exposure and minimized the impact on their bottom line.

Why RightPlace


Surex approached RightPlace for their expertise in creating reliable, user-friendly web applications and digital marketing solutions. RPC’s highest goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our clients, and our successful work establishing their affiliate program led to greater collaboration down the line.

We’re proud of our work with Surex in helping to provide instant, customer-centric solutions in a highly competitive and regulated environment.

Customer first model:

As with the beginning of every new relationship, we are relentless on customer intimacy, learning all the details of the customer’s current state and to become acutely aware of business process. This made RPC the right choice to deliver on new business initiatives and become a long term strategic partner.

Technology Choice:

Here at RPC, we know there are many different technology choices out there and choosing from the vast number of tech stack choices available can be difficult. We are confident in our ability to deliver quality results across a wide range of technologies. We will not stop until we’ve identified the elements that are the best fit for your needs. We excel at helping companies educate themselves on their options and giving expert advice on strategic decisions whenever needed.

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