Online Compliance and Brand Reputation Management Solutions

For this client, an Online Compliance and Brand Reputation Management firm, RPC designed, built and supported two flagship products, one of which is currently the #1 compliance tool in its vertical, with over half of the Top 50 companies serviced and over 8 million users affected.

  • Product concept, but no roadmap
  • Bootstrapped client with budgetary constraints
  • Required to search the entire Internet
  • Data storage, management & analysis
  • Clients forced to rely on tedious and inefficient manual processes
  • No technical product leadership
  • Lack of agile development process
  • Lack of in-house technical resources
  • AWS (infrastructure hosting)
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Ruby On Rails
  • GoLang
  • Javascript
  • ReactJs
  • Doker
  • Terraform
  • Ansibe
  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • Selenium
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web App Development
  • Internet-wide Search and post parsing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Data Science
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Development Operations/24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Security (including GDPR and CCPA compliance on a mass scale)
  • Strategic Partnership (24/7 On Call Production Support)

Our client was faced with the challenge of monitoring online marketing from millions of independent sales personnel diffused throughout the entire Internet. Their clients were exposed to Regulatory risk as the result of promissory sales and product claims by sales representatives who maintained their own digital channels and created their own sales copy. The RPC team helped this client build an automated data retrieval and evaluation system to help find these claims and report them to the end clients’ compliance teams.

This system contained several kinds of brand new Search tech, from Internet-wide keyword searches to iterative monitoring of targeted digital properties. After capture, all data was arranged in a central database, parsed and sent to an AI/Machine Learning component for semantic analysis. This analysis, when exposed to the hundreds of thousands of data points it was fed every day, allowed the system to learn the selection patterns of its users and helped each of its end clients direct their attention where it was predicted to be most needed.

Users managed this system via an intuitive web app interface and case manager, also designed and built by the RPC Team, which was robust enough to become the operations ticket backbone of several enterprise ($200M+) organizations.

A separate product was created to support this client’s Online Reputation Management programs, which rolled several measurements of a brand’s online presence into a single set of Brand Health controls. These controls and analytics could be exported into an executive dashboard for CDOs and CMOs, or expanded into a detailed action report for Marketing and Digital departments.

The RPC Team helped at every step of this process, including overseeing the formation of a dedicated offshore development team, which oversaw full time development and maintenance of this product as revenue grew >15x over 5 years.

Why RightPlace


By analyzing our client’s business needs, the RPC team was able to create a unique new combination of technologies that resulted in best-in-class software. Over the course of our engagement, our partnership with this client helped establish them as the #1 software solution in their vertical and onto the Inc. 500 List three times in three years.

Customer first model:

In addition to designing and building an outstanding product, the RPC Team supplied exactly the right resources to staff and maintain it full time. At RPC, we are just as focused on people as we are on technology. A great tech stack doesn’t mean anything if it’s being implemented by less than capable hands, and we are proud of our ability to diagnose and apply the technical expertise needed to most efficiently solve each unique business problem.

Technology Choice:

In situations like this one, where you know what you need your technology to do but aren’t sure exactly what would be the right fit, our team will lay out some workable options and help guide you through the selection process. Unlike some other Tech shops that prefer a certain set of technologies, we aim to be completely agnostic. Our highest goal is always to find the most efficient, cost-effective method to create products you can depend on, no matter the payload.

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