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RPC helped an international dredging supply company significantly increase visibility for their digital brand and drive greater sales traffic through a unique mix of coordinated technical SEO campaigns.

  • Site errors caused de-ranking from competitive Google results
  • Loss of sales and revenue from decreased visibility
  • Site functionality appeared fine to human visitors, but Google bots were rejecting it
  • Competitors actively optimizing their sites against client’s brand
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • Wordpress development
  • SEO/Digital Asset Audit and Review
  • On-Site Code Review and Custom Development
  • Linking Structure Audit and Backlinking Campaigns
  • Audience and Traffic Audit and Engagement Campaigns
  • Competitor Analysis & Comparison
  • Detailed Custom Monthly Reporting

When Western Dredge engaged RightPlace, they were mired in an SEO crisis. Their primary web page, which had been ranking highly for several high traffic industry keywords, was suddenly removed from Google due to coding issues. This eliminated what had previously been one of their primary lead generators and measurably cut down on the number of new phone calls coming in to the firm.

After engagement, the RPC team conducted a full analysis of the code of the home site, their tags and metadata and performance tests to determine a Google bot’s experience of the site. Google takes user experience seriously, and sometimes even small perceived errors can cost a businesses’ site its place atop the ranks.

Our team identified the site’s issues and fixed them, then further optimized the site, its tags and metadata, the company’s social profiles and helped create backlink structures and traffic profiles that would make their brand more attractive to Google. Over 6-8 months, our team restored the site to higher rankings across more search profiles than its standing before the initial crisis.


  • #1 for “Dredge for Sale”
  • #1 for “Dredging Equipment for Sale”
  • #4 for “Dredging Equipment”
  • Improved web performance & user experience

Why RightPlace


While a detailed understanding of our clients’ business processes is essential for every project, it is especially critical for SEO and Digital Marketing. In order to help position Western Dredge’s brand for maximum exposure to their target audience, our experts first took a deep dive into their products and services. We work with each client to create a unique Digital Marketing and SEO strategy that works for their needs and budget. Our team has helped direct these kinds of programs from an international scale for enterprise businesses down to the local level, helping regional businesses capture a better share of their market in specific cities or zip codes.

Customer first model:

As with all our services, transparency is a key value for all our SEO and digital marketing programs. In contrast to other SEO firms that operate as a black box, we work best when closely engaged with our clients. Every decision, from targeted keywords to the content of your site’s metadata should be driven by your business strategy. We always want to make sure that we’re aligned with our clients throughout that process - which is why we offer detailed custom monthly reporting for any SEO or Digital Marketing program.

Technology Choice:

The technologies and strategies involved in a successful SEO campaign depend wholly on the underlying business objectives. As with all our services, we are not content with cookie cutter solutions. Our highest goal is to provide tech solutions that enhance and integrate seamlessly with our clients’ existing technology. This includes the technology powering your brand’s digital assets as well as its products and services.

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